Superfast Broadband for Brighton & Beyond

Superfast Broadband for Brighton & Beyond

Building the fastest wireless network the UK has ever seen. Come and be part of it…

We are a Brighton-based wireless ISP offering superfast broadband for businesses and residential blocks through a carrier-class wireless infrastructure across the city. For many of our clients we go further and manage their internal office infrastructure including best-of-breed Wi-Fi. We can deliver any amount of internet connectivity you require.


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Why Metranet

Superfast Wireless Broadband

with a range of products tailored to your business needs

Speed of installation 

We’ll connect you within a week of an order


Using the same technology as mobile companies use as their network backbone, we have zero interference issues


We don’t rent fibre connectivity so we don’t pass that cost on to you


We are the only Internet provider aside from Virgin Media that has total control over our own network and therefore total responsibility to your business

Unlimited data usage 

for high bandwidth requirements


You can increase your speed to up to 1000Mbps


At 2 milliseconds to the Internet we outperform leased lines, dedicated Ethernet circuits and even ISDN.


Brighton based, dedicated account manager


We pro-actively monitor our network to resolve issues quickly and efficiently

Same day installation coming soon

“Their service has outperformed anything we’ve had in the past, there’s no “slowing down at busy times of the day” and that’s important when you’re in the business of Seaside Strength gin! I mean, who wants to live life in the slow lane anyway?”


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About Metranet Wireless

Wireless LAN solutions are often more cost effective to deploy with less disruption to stakeholders.  We have years of real-life experience of building indoor and outdoor wireless networks, often with multiple businesses and institutions passing data over the same wireless infrastructure. Our experience has allowed us to offer a service where they are securely separated from each other, not just the outside world.

Installation options

We have a range of installation options to get you up and running in no time, with our Same Day installation package launching very soon! To find out more contact  or call on 01273 311 362.

“Historically our internet connectivity has been a huge challenge here at Yellowave. But then Metranet was recommended to us and at last we found an ISP that reaches the areas other networks cannot reach! Not only could they connect our business but also give us enough capacity to connect all of our customers on site. Well, when they’re not playing volleyball at least!”

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