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As a digital strategy agency, there really is no way we could function with a slow/unreliable broadband connection. Finding Metranet; a local company that could offer a wireless alternative to the poor broadband we’d been putting up with - was a revelation. A super-fast connection and no more frustrating dealings with an automated call centre – perfection! Thanks to Metranet’s efficient and friendly service, Brilliant Noise can boast a reliable connection.

Brilliant Noise

“Building digital things for world-class brands requires fast and reliable broadband, so working with Metranet has been the perfect solution to our previous connectivity experiences. We also like to stay ahead of the game technology-wise, so switching to wireless radio waves has enabled a radical step-change to our business. Thanks to Metranet our internet no longer slows down during busy times of the day and productivity for the team has massively improved.”


“It’s our job to make a working environment comfortable, attractive, adaptable and overall fit with a company’s needs. An ergonomic chair or height adjusting table is just one way to make a team happy in the workplace… another example would be fast reliable internet, provided by a friendly and efficient local company; which has been our experience with Metranet. Moving offices can be a stressful undertaking, but working with Metranet (who really went the extra mile for us), was a simple and effective way to improve our working environment.”

Posture People

“The Cycle Hub is all about bikes - we don’t have time to worry about our internet connection and, thanks to Metranet, we don’t have to. We can carry on fixing bicycles, providing cyclists with advice, refreshments and somewhere secure to park their bike and there’s no stress about our broadband. Metranet’s efficient installation and friendly team made the whole process stress free. I also like the idea of being able to call a real person just down the road, rather than a call centre somewhere if we had a problem.  Although, having said that, we've never had any downtime, so I've never had to call." 

Cycle Hub

“Metranet’s internet reliability is excellent, the service provided to support this is instant, reliable and effective. We are really happy with the download and upload speeds that are more than adequate for our business needs, and Metranet deliver at the speeds promised every day.”


“When your business is designing websites and delivering digital products, unreliable broadband is simply not an option. Being based in central Brighton, cable line lengths are a real issue, given the distance from the exchanges on the outskirts of the city. We were first impressed by Metranet when they solved the Wi-Fi issues at Brighton Dome where we hosted our dConstruct event. When we moved to our new offices we had to have the same level of service for our auditorium and workspaces. Metranet was able to provide a wireless service that has given us the speed and reliability we require, as well as the pleasure of dealing with a friendly local company – so we can say goodbye to navigating our way through call centre options and hold music and just get on with our work.”


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