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Wireless LAN Wi-Fi

Wireless LAN solutions are often more cost effective to deploy with less disruption to stakeholders. The benefit of flexibility is perhaps obvious, but where Metranet excel is offering secure wireless communications where it matters. We have years of real-life experience of building indoor and outdoor wireless networks, often with multiple businesses and institutions passing data over the same wireless infrastructure. Our experience has allowed us to offer a service where they are securely separated from each other – not just the outside world.


Voice over IP is one of the primary return on investments of a reliable high speed broadband connection as the call cost is often a fraction of your incumbent provider. Metranet works with a number of VoIP providers in Brighton & Hove and will happily refer an appropriate provider depending on the size of your business and the complexity of your requirement.

Residential Broadband

Metranet can provide exceptional broadband speeds and service levels in residential blocks in Brighton & Hove, either working alongside Residents Associations or landlords who are looking to improve the internet connectivity in their multi-tenant buildings – get in touch to find out more.

Leased Lines

Metranet offers a reliable wireless alternative to leased lines and EFM circuits which allows faster installation, contract flexibility, competitive pricing and scalability. We can provide you any speed up to 1Gbps and offer:

  • Highly reliable uncapped internet bandwidth
  • Equal Upload / Download speeds more affordable than leased lines
  • Managed router service
  • Ability to separate different traffic types using VLANs
  • QoS enabled for VoIP services, no need for additional ISDN circuits
  • Guaranteed service levels and 24/7/365 pro-active monitoring
  • Free installation on longer term contracts
  • Installation within 6 weeks of order but can take as little as 2 weeks
  • Brighton-based technical support at your fingertips

Brighton Digital Exchange

Metranet is a founding member of the Brighton Digital Exchange also known as the BDX.

The BDX is a robust hosting facility located in New England House in Brighton, enabled by a group of similarly-minded companies and is a cooperatively-owned and run. Metranet’s unique involvement is to provide connectivity bursting up to 1Gbps to anyone hosting data in the BDX to any of our customers taking any package.

Point to Point

Whilst the majority of our clients simply ask us for a connection to the Internet, if you need to connect one site with another, then we can deploy highly effective point to point wireless Ethernet bridges that range from 20Mbps to 2Gbps throughput depending on distance and budget.

We have a mixture of products to choose from, ranging both in throughput and distance covered, licensed and unlicensed and over a wide range of frequency bands. Should your link require a licence from Ofcom, Metranet can handle the entire process from start to finish.

Whether licensed or unlicensed, Point to Point solutions tend to require Line of Sight from one end of the link to the other.

Metranet has over 10 years of experience operating Point to Point connections in the toughest of environments.

The products we use are robust enough to stand up to low or high temperatures, salt, high winds etc for long periods of time.

If you are looking to join one or more buildings together, thereby replacing the need for leased lines or fibre, Point to Point technology would be a sensible option.

Offering up to 99.999% availability, its reliability is well-suited to the high demands that are often placed on it.

Point to Multi-Point

When you are looking to join a number of outstations to a central location, Metranet can bring you the best of breed Point to Multi-Point solutions on the market, and these can be appropriate ways to deliver data efficiently.

We can offer real-world experience of these outdoor wireless solutions, having operated Point to Multi-Point networks for over 14 years.

We have delivered Point to Multi-Point networks to: municipal authorities, schools to council corporate networks, and joined roadside infrastructures such as CCTV, ANPR, SCOOT traffic junction control, Bus Lane Enforcement to a Transportation department’s Urban Traffic Management Control suite.

If you have multiple buildings or infrastructure that require connecting, wireless Point to Multi-Point solutions are worth further investigation.

For example, if you are considering a wireless ISP infrastructure across a business park, requiring network resilience, with more than one fibre connection to the Internet, then Metranet can architect a network with its own IP address range.

This allows your multiple connections to the Internet to be provided by different wholesale network providers and adds a significant robustness to any new network.