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Metranet operates the Wireless ISP infrastructure in Brighton & Hove.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use the cables in the ground, we have built and designed a high-speed radio network instead. So, what advantages does this offer you as a business in Brighton and Hove?

Fast turnaround

Often leased lines can take over 3 months to install, our lead time is 4 to 6 weeks but do speak to us if you need something faster than that.


Many areas of Brighton and Hove suffer from poor broadband provision which can also result in intermittent outages. Whilst the wireless way of doing things may be very new to you, we’ve being doing this for over a decade and have refined a network which offers resilience against single points of failure and uses high-spec radio hardware favoured by mobile phone companies.

Contract Flexibility

We can time our contracts to coincide with a break clause in your lease agreement with your landlord.

Hosted data bursting

No matter your package, we can allow you to burst up to 1Gbps to any company data hosted either in the Brighton Digital Exchange or Fastnet’s datacentre

Freedom to move

You can take your connection with you if you move office. We have moved some of our clients over 3 times as their business has expanded.

Competitive pricing

As we don’t have to lay or rent out the fibre strands in the ground, we don’t pass that cost on to our customers and offer prices at a fraction of the cost of our wired competition.


We can offer you seamless scalability without any hidden upgrade charges.

Interested? Call us today on 01273 311362