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Mar 14 2014

Why Metranet? It’s “the Ferrari of Internet packages”

We are proud to be the first ISP (Internet Service Provider) to install a new ultra-fast Internet connection for a local Brighton business using the Connection Voucher Scheme.

The first voucher was issued by the city council to We Are Tilt, a digital media agency, on 4 March 2014. Like many businesses in Brighton & Hove, the agency had good cause to complain about their broadband which was so slow that on occasion employees would resort to using Wi-Fi in coffee shops to send data files to their clients.

Jon Malyon, We Are Tilt and Roger Horlock, Metranet with our new gigabit radio hardware

We Are Tilt struggled to find a leased line service that would give them more bandwidth at an affordable price. Under the Connection Voucher Scheme, Metranet was able to offer the agency “the Ferrari of internet packages” (their words!). Their broadband capabilities have jumped from 3Mbps to 100Mbps since our installation, and we were also able to offer them the option to scale up the service over time without the usual associated charges.

“It’s already made us so much more efficient; clients can view projects within minutes when previously some of these uploads would have taken hours, even days. It means we can move the business forward and expand into new areas which previously we couldn’t have considered.”

Jon Malyon, Managing Director of We Are Tilt



14th Mar 2014 / Brighton / Broadband / Connection Voucher Scheme / Connectivity / By Vicky Baynton-Williams

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“Finding Metranet, a local company that could offer a wireless alternative to the poor broadband we’d been putting up with, was a revelation.”

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