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Installation adventures with James and Jordan

Yes, I know what you are thinking… these two members of our installation team could combine to be a professional dancer from Strictly Come Dancing… but that’s not what this blog post is about.

We’d like to delve into a Metranet broadband installation, with the assistance of the team. Does it involve death-defying stunts? High-visibility clothing? Heavy lifting? A sunny disposition? I’d say at least two of the above, but let’s find out…

So, James and Jordan; if you’re installing in a building for the first time, you have to be up on the roof at some point – how are you with heights?

James – “Luckily, I have no issue with heights, especially as I was involved in the installation of a mast on Sussex Heights – one of the tallest buildings in Brighton. I quite like being up high actually.”

Jordan – “I’m not bothered about heights either really, you couldn’t really do a job like this is if you were!”

How do landlords feel about a connection on their building?

James – “Our masts are designed to work so that we don’t need to drill into the actual building, which means our installation is surprisingly unobtrusive, this tends to put landlords at ease. We are also offering a very fast broadband connection that will make the tenants in the building happy – which makes the office space more appealing, which can only benefit the landlords. The only grief we tend to get is from seagulls!”

So if the masts aren’t actually fixed permanently to the roof, how does that work (how do they not fall over?)?

James – “Our masts are weighted to withstand wind speeds of up to 200 mph, so there is no concern over them moving at all in the wind let alone toppling over! We’re very belt-and-braces with our installs. We’d much rather over-engineer a wireless installation than have to come back to site, we’ve got other broadband customers who desperately need our help instead.”

What’s the highest point for a Metranet mast at the moment?

James – “The highest point is 150m in free air above the city, I was involved in the installation actually and the views are stunning.”

Jordan – “I wasn’t there for that installation, but we do go up for maintenance or to add a new service to the network so you might occasionally catch site of me if you went up the Brighton i360.”

What are the benefits of a microwave connection over a leased line or fibre connection, installation-wise?

James – “For a leased line, it’s likely you’d need to dig up the road outside the building and we’ve learned that there can be all sorts of access and legal problems that can slow installations down the cable install. We don’t suffer from these issues. Sure, we have other issues we need to consider, our wireless radio equipment works on a line of sight only basis, but we’ve literally deployed hundreds of these connections across Brighton & Hove and the coverage is pretty extensive now. Basically, you’d be very unlikely to have an office that we couldn’t connect to another node on our network. Similarly we’ve moved our internet connection with customers as they’ve grown out of their office and moved into another location seamlessly, without a break in service. One customer we’ve moved 3 times! I guess that’s another benefit of using Metranet.”

Thanks to James and Jordan for taking part, we hope this post has given our readers an insight into an installation… maybe even tempting you to join us? Please do get in touch if you are in Brighton and Hove and would like a broadband quote, we are always happy to hear from potential new clients.

25th Feb 2016 / Brighton / Broadband / Connectivity / Installation / Leased line alternative / Metranet team / Rooftop adventures / Wireless / By Vicky Baynton-Williams

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