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Jan 14 2016

Getting faster broadband in Brighton

Once upon a time, the basic needs for your average office would have been a working telephone, swanky notepad and plenty of ink for the typewriter (and yes, Mad Men fans; a bottle of your favourite tipple!). Here in 2015, what’s top of the tree in terms of priority for productivity and employee satisfaction?  It’s definitely not about paper or booze anymore (no matter what your employees might say). Nowadays we need the best technology. So, outdated computers and/or a slow internet connection have got to be up there as the worst contenders for really making your employees’ lives difficult.

Consider time spent watching that buffering wheel… hitting send and receive over and over to get that email to a colleague that could have been written on paper and walked across the office quicker… jittery Skype calls that cut off… uploading data and having to leave it running overnight – only to come in the next morning and find that it failed! Imagining these scenarios we all let out a collective “Arrrghh!!”

So why do these things happen and how can using Metranet eliminate these broadband speed issues?

Well, consider the central Brighton area, the North Laine for example; most businesses find themselves over 2km from the nearest Exchange using cabling that was built for voice, not internet; the traditional methods of receiving your business broadband perform poorly.  Also consider how this area of Brighton is a thriving hub of small to medium digital, gaming, design, social media companies and now you’ll hear that collective “Arrrghh!!” I mentioned earlier.

The solution Metranet offers is simple; we use radio waves instead of cables and the same spec kit that mobile phone companies use. A system built for sending data; fast! Not only this, but consider the 2 to 3 month wait on installation of leased lines – Metranet installs (on average) within 4 weeks of contract signing.

There are so many reasons to switch to Metranet, but add on the smugness of ‘buying local’ – a Brighton-based company delivering your broadband? No call centres, no faceless support communication; just real people who care about your connection and know exactly where your office is and what the set-up is like.

If you are reading this and thinking ‘How can I find out more/get connected?’ get in touch with us and speak to a real person about your needs and we’ll work out a package to suit you, you don’t need to suffer poor broadband anymore for a great Brighton location!

14th Jan 2016 / Brighton / Broadband / Broadband speed / Connectivity / North Laine / Productivity / By Vicky Baynton-Williams

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“Metranet was able to provide a wireless broadband service that has given us the speed and reliability we require, as well as the pleasure of dealing with a friendly local company."